Jambel Jerk Marinade


Our Jamaican Jerk Sauce is our flagship product. Made from traditional Jamaican recipes, the product emphasizes flavor over heat. This makes the product both accessible and appealing to a wider demographic. The product is consumer friendly as it’s an easy to use marinade that pairs well with any meat. Vegans love it with tofu or tempeh. The product is completely shelf stable which makes it
convenient for both consumer and retailer alike.


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  • Enhance Favorite Recipes – Great for the BBQ grill, slow cooker, crock pot, oven baking, and stir fry, our Jamaican jerk seasoning adds bold flavors to everything.
  • Perfect Meal Pairing – Deliciously versatile, our Jamaican jerk sauce works well with chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp to create summer barbecue or warm holiday meals.
  • Naturally Delicious – Jambel Jamaican jerk chicken seasoning is low in salt, is free of preservatives or additives, and no sugar added for a natural all-purpose seasoning.
  • Ecofriendly Choices – With the exception of 1% honey, no animal byproducts are used in our natural BBQ sauce marinade. Our jerk sauce container is even recyclable!
  • Canadian-Made Purity – A family owned-and-operated business, our jerk barbecue sauce is made in Canada under strict purity guidelines and backed by unbeatable support.