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We also have FAQs below.


Our payment terms are credit on file charged within 48 hours after delivery or a cheque on delivery. 

No. We no longer charge keg deposits.

We love seeing bars and restaurant serve our beer in our branded glassware! We will give you six branded 20oz pints at 50% the retail price to start with and we will see how it goes. 

We don’t do keg deals. 

The simple answer is no. Just like you we invest in our own business. We never asked a restaurant to buy is a piece of equipment for our brewery. 

We deliver to Ottawa every week on Thursday unless something comes up. If that’s the case we will notify you. 

Keep in mind that if we need to drive an hour to bring a keg and that is the only delivery, we sold that keg at a loss. We count on you to check your beer level in our keg when we call you every week.