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We also have FAQs below.


Our payment terms are credit on file charged within 48 hours after delivery or a cheque on delivery. 

We do! You are looking at 50$ per keg and we credit you back once the keg is returned if you decide to take us off your tap.

We love seeing bars and restaurant serve our beer in our branded glassware! We will give you six branded 20oz pints to start with and we will see how it goes. If you decide to take us off your tap, the branded pints will need to be returned.

As for clothing we do under certain conditions. If you organize a Cassel night, your staff will get our branded t-shirts. 

We’re all about working together! 

We do not believe in keg deals. We work very hard to make our beer and in order to be able to continue to do so we need to invoice each kegs. Not many restaurants give out free meals so we don’t see why as a craft brewery we should give away our beer.  What we are willing to do is help you promote our beer in your restaurant through social media and cross promotions. We love win-win deals! 

The simple answer is no. Just like you we invest in our own business. We never asked a restaurant to buy is a piece of equipment for our brewery. 

We deliver to Ottawa every week on Thursday unless something comes up. If that’s the case we will notify you. 

Keep in mind that if we need to drive an hour to bring a keg and that is the only delivery, we sold that keg at a loss. We count on you to check your beer level in our keg when we call you every week.