Keg & Party Kit Rental

Throwing a party and want people to remember it? (well ok.. sort of!) We got you covered with our party kit!

It includes everything to dispense our delicious beers : cooler with cooling coil, tap handle, gas cylinder, keg coupler and of course the keg of your choice!

Rental fee of 35$ + the keg price.

Keg prices

Keg Prices Our keg prices are as follow:

20L : 115$ (40 tall boys)
30L : 165$ (60 tall boys)
50L : 265$ (100 tall boys)

The exact price depends on the beer but let’s face it, you are thirsty and we have beer so a few dollars difference will not matter!

Some advice for deciding on the size of the keg!

  • Most guests will have their own alcohol. If you are expecting 20 guests, a 20L might be enough, since there will be other alcoholic drinks.
  • Keg rentals must return before the Monday following the weekend. We had people trying to finish a 50L at 11 p.m. on Sunday to return it almost empty with a big headache and missed a day of work. We do not reimburse the beer left in the keg when you bring it back.
  • Not all guests will drink beer


  • A credit card is required for any rental of keg and/or party kit
  • The replacement cost for a keg is 150$ and 500$ for the party kit
  • Any damages to the keg or party kit will be invoiced
  • A 75$ deposit is required for a keg rental
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY