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Visit our brewery

You are more than welcome to come visit our operation anytime you stop by! Even though our retail store is now detached from our production area, we are more than happy to have you come over to say hi! Depending on what we are doing we might be able to explain our process, so come over don’t be shy.

Group Tours

We provide formal group tours which includes samples and complete walkthrough of our process and equipment. 4 or more people is considered and requires a reservation to make sure we have the staff in place to welcome you.

Group tour are priced at 5$ per person.

Visit Casselman

History & Heritage

town_1915-2Casselman is named after its founder, Martin Casselman, who, during a hunting expedition on the shoreline of the Petite Nation River in 1832, decided to settle there and build a village to harness the abundant forest resources. Incorporated in 1888, the Village of Casselman is located on 5.15 square kilometres in the heart of Prescott- Russell. Here, visitors will discover the French language alive and well in a village with a rich history with many heritage sites such as the train station or the many old homes in the village which survived the fires.

Interesting facts

  • Population : 3626
  • Territory : 5km2
  • Languages : French & English

Where to eat?

  • Brian’s Bar & Grill
  • Casselman Restaurant
  • Asian Bistro
  • Eric’s Pizza
  • Milanos

Where to stay?

What to do?

Discover Prescott-Russell!