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Railroad Special – Maple Rye Ale 8.7%

Most maple beers tend to be on the sticky sweet side with maple syrup being the dominant flavor.  Our Railroad Special Maple Rye on the other hand, brewed with maple sap instead of water and a generous amount of rye malt, is more complex. Sugar camp on the horizon? We waste no time putting tanks on a trailer ready for the call from our maple sap suppliers to go get …Read More

Lil’ Red Steamer – Irish Red Ale 5.6%

“Lil’ Red Steamer is a beautiful autumn red ale, rich with malted barley flavors. With its warm flavors, it is the perfect complement to those relaxing evenings in front of the fireplace.” Our Lil’ Red Steamer Irish red/amber offers a nice malty flavor profile with a slight roasted finish. Those who have enjoyed our Golden Rail will most likely enjoy this one as it provides more complex flavors with a …Read More

White Fog – Belgian Wheat 5.0%

“White Fog with its flavours of orange and coriander, celebrates those beautiful hot summer days where you just want to leave work early to relax, beer in hand, by mid-afternoon.” Brewed with Canadian wheat and 2-row barley, coriander and orange peel. Our witbier is a very refreshing beer during hot summer days, some enjoy it with an orange slice. Lightly hopped to leave space for the coriander and orange peel, …Read More

Golden Rail – Honey Brown Ale 5.0%

“Golden Rail symbolizes the industrial revolution brought by the railroad and we dedicated our flagship beer to those who contributed to its construction. Cassel Brewery would like to think they’d enjoy our Honey Brown Ale after a day on the rail.” Looking for a great beer to get you going on board the craft beer movement? Look no further! Our Golden Rail earned the title of flagship for a reason, …Read More