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Railroad Special – Maple Rye Ale 8.7%

Most maple beers tend to be on the sticky sweet side with maple syrup being the dominant flavor.  Our Railroad Special Maple Rye on the other hand, brewed with maple sap instead of water and a generous amount of rye malt, is more complex. Sugar camp on the horizon? We waste no time putting tanks on a trailer ready for the call from our maple sap suppliers to go get this very special liquid and bring it back to our brewery! As soon as we get the sap we have no time to waste as it needs to be kept cold but we don’t want it to freeze so we brew the same day we get the sap. We brew this maple beer with a generous amount of rye malt to give it a light, spicy finish.  Just to help our yeast loving friends, we add gallons of maple syrup before fermentation takes place. This provides more alcohol (yay!) and also a richer mouthfeel with an almost syrup like texture.
Mild spice from the rye malt combined with a light earthy and sweet aromas.
Begins with a slight spicy flavor derived from the high percentage of rye malt and finishes with a light maple sweet and earthy flavor with a low bitterness to compliment the mix of flavors. The base malt is Gambrinus ESB and it is complimented with Canada Malting Rye Malt, Gambrinus Dark Munich and Carafoam/Carapils.
Full body with a moderate carbonation, the mouthfeel is almost like taking a sip of maple syrup.
A limited release available shortly after sugar camp season from the end of April to the beginning of May.  
Available in the following format
format_750ml_growler format_case_18 format_keg
500mL Bottle  Case of 18 Bottles  20, 30 & 50 L Kegs
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