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Lil’ Red Steamer – Irish Red Ale 5.6%

Lil’ Red Steamer is a beautiful autumn red ale, rich with malted barley flavors. With its warm flavors, it is the perfect complement to those relaxing evenings in front of the fireplace.”

Our Lil’ Red Steamer Irish red/amber offers a nice malty flavor profile with a slight roasted finish. Those who have enjoyed our Golden Rail will most likely enjoy this one as it provides more complex flavors with a variety of malts that we use.

The color offers red hue and dark copper/light brown colors which makes it a little intimidating to those who prefer light colored beers, but don’t be fool, it’s pretty smooth tasting considering the color!


Clean aroma with moderate caramel and toasty notes.


The mix of several roasted caramel malts provides a sweet and toffee like flavors with a light taste of toasted grain from the Roasted Barley. Low bitterness at 25 IBU provided by Golding hops.

The base malt is Gambrinus ESB and it is complimented with Carared, Biscuit, Dark Munich, Melanoidin and Roasted Barley.


Medium body with a moderate carbonation.


Only available between October and April

Available in the following format
format_500 format_2L format_case_18 format_keg
500mL Bottle  1.89L Growler  Case of 18 Bottles  20, 30 & 50 L Kegs
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