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Harvest Ale 5.2%

In 1920, Fournier, Ontario, was well known as a hop-growing community. In fact, they employed more than 2000 people to help out during harvest time. We are very excited to be the first commercial brewery to bring this local hop flavour back to you!” In 2014, we brewed our first Harvest Ale and not just any kind, it was brewed with fresh hops from Fournier ON which were long forgotten until now. We’ve had a blast brewing this very special beer and we were so excited brewing with this special hop that we added it in every part of the brewing process! Mash hopping, first wort hopping, boil additions and hop back! The flavour and aroma is just as special as the hops, it ranges from spicy to floral to earthy., The bitterness is well balanced with an intriguing aroma. We hopefully look forward to brewing it again in larger quantities for years to come. Worse comes to worse if this hop isn’t available any longer we’ll make a Harvest Ale with another variety of fresh hops. Available in September and October only. Here are some awesome photos from back in days in Fournier ON! Special thanks to Patrick Brunet and Joey Bedard who provided those wonderful hops, photos and history! Fournier, ON Cultivation Crew Fournier, ON Fournier, ON