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Golden Rail – Honey Brown Ale 5.0%

CB_11AVRIL2016_014_lowres“Golden Rail symbolizes the industrial revolution brought by the railroad and we dedicated our flagship beer to those who contributed to its construction. Cassel Brewery would like to think they’d enjoy our Honey Brown Ale after a day on the rail.” Looking for a great beer to get you going on board the craft beer movement? Look no further! Our Golden Rail earned the title of flagship for a reason, it’s a crowd favourite. Refreshing in the summer and comforting in the winter, you can count on our Golden Rail to please you all year round.
Moderate caramel malt with light fruitiness.
Honey and roasted caramel providing a sweet malty flavour. Low bitterness at 20 IBU provided by Fuggle and Czech Saaz hops. The unique flavour comes from the Gambrinus Honey malt that we use in an unusual high percentage of the total grain bill. One thing to be said about the Gambrinus Honey malt, is that it’s the only of its kind in the world and made right here in Canada! The base malt is Gambrinus ESB and it is complimented with Briess Caramel 60 and Weyermann Carafoam.
Medium body with a moderate carbonation.
This beer is available all year round.  
Available in the following format
format_500 format_2L format_case_18 format_keg
500mL Bottle  1.89L Growler  Case of 18 Bottles  20, 30 & 50 L Kegs
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