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Sponsorships & Donations

Sponsorships & Donations

As much as we would like to support every request for sponsorships and donations, sometimes we have to decline. Truth of the matter is, we get tons of request on a weekly basis so we need to gather as much information as possible before making a decision about if we participate or not. Location and date of the event can also be challenging. We’ll only consider applications for events that will happen in 30 days from the time we receive the application. We have a few guidelines before you fill out the form. Unfortunately we are unable to donate to events :

That involves a motorized vehicle Any racing event involving motorized vehicles will be automatically refused. Why? Alcohol and driving don’t mix so we don’t want to be associated with such event. Have fun, win the cup and be safe!

Wedding and stags Congrats on this amazing journey! But we have to decline unless it’s our own wedding! You can rent a keg from us though!

Sports team If we say yes to one we have to say yes to all of them which is not possible.

Involving Children We don’t want to be associated with drinking underage.

Request Form

Please click here to fill out the Sponsorship & Donations Request Form.