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Caboose – IPA 6.4%

“The Caboose IPA is a generously hopped strong beer showcasing the delicious flavours of tropical fruits.  In order to complement the malts, Amarillo and Simcoe hops are added to continuously during the boil.” 200px_resied_Casselbrew_Caboose_Bottle_Pint This IPA doesn’t fit into a specific category it’s a blend of English and American Pale Ale so we took the liberty of calling it a Hoppy Pale Ale! Alright alright! We admit it, we have a lot of fun making this beer! It was meant to be a series of beers with various blends of hops in each batch. However, the blend of Amarillo and Simcoe hops in batch #3 gained so much popularity that we had to listen to our fans and decided to keep that same blend. Although we have to be honest, we are still playing with it here and there, so noticing a slight variance from batch to batch is quite possible. Truth is, Amarillo and Simcoe hops are very hard to get which makes this brew much more difficult to keep consistent so some variance might make its way into a bottle due to the lack of supply of certain hops. Depending on its maturity you will get a range of citrus to a slight pine flavor profile.  As far as food pairing goes, a spicy meal will go very well with this IPA. NEW FOR 2015! Our Caboose is now dry-hoped with equal amounts of Amarillo and Simcoe for an even rounder and bolder flavour.
Moderately high citrus and pine hop aroma accompanied with malty sweetness.
Citrus and pine flavours combined with a medium-high bitterness (70 IBU) with a medium sweet malt character. Some residual bitterness in the after-taste that dissipates quickly into a clean finish. The base malt is Gambrinus Pale and it is complimented with Gambrinus Dark Munich, Gambrinus Wheat Malt and Carapils/Carafoam.
Medium body with a moderate carbonation and a smooth alcohol warmth.
This beer is available all year round.  
Available in the following format
format_500 format_2L format_case_18 format_keg
500mL Bottle  1.89L Growler  Case of 18 Bottles  20, 30 & 50 L Kegs
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