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Welcome to Cassel!

Our microbrewery carries on the proud tradition of hard work and passion into every beer we brew. Fueled by our love for brewing high quality beers, we source the best ingredients and an unrelenting spirit to create some of what we believe to be truly unique, tasty beers.

We boldly offer a wide range of highly unique and equally flavorful brews to suit every palate: from our flagship Golden Rail Honey Brown, to our flavorful Caboose IPA, to our award winning Railroad Special Maple Rye Ale.

Our beer offerings mainly change from one season to another , visit our virtual train-yard often to see what we have in our fridge. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and explore all that Cassel has to offer, interact with us, learn more about our amazing brews, our story and learn what fuels our fire to keep steaming ahead.

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